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California Senate Bill 988

The Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act

(Ryan's Law)

Amended September 2022 from SB 311

The Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act, or Ryan's Law, requires specified type of health care facilities to allow a terminally ill patient's use of medical cannabis within the facility


 Terminally ill patients only (life expectancy of <1 year)

Requires Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) or written documentation

 Not applicable to Emergency Departments

 Must be in compliance with Prop 215

SB 988

Ryan Bartell was a 41 year old former US Coast Guard who passed away in 2018 after battling pancreatic cancer.

While hospitalized in the state of Washington, Ryan requested to use cannabis to replace the opioids that were causing him significant somnolence and cognitive difficulties.

The hospital denied his request and hence, Ryan's family transferred him to a different hospital that would honor his request for cannabis as a terminally ill patient.

Ryan's quality of life and relationships improved significantly off opioids and on cannabis.


 Prohibits facility staff from administering or retrieving patient's medical cannabis

 Must be stored in a locked container at patient's bedside

 Prohibits smoking or vaping cannabis

 Facility is not required to provide a recommendation for medical cannabis

 Requires documentation for use in the medical record

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PCCC has developed a comprehensive document with Policies and Procedures to assist health care facilities to be compliant with Ryan's Law

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